Markov Brother's Organ 4

It's a great band created by the Markov Brother's!

This project features two excellent musicians: Renato Chicco and Guido Jeszenszky. 

RENATO CHICCO – pianist, organist, composer, educator, graduate of both the KUG University in Graz, and Berklee College of Music in Boston. While living in New York City he was a member of the legendary Lionel Hampton Orchestra and was the pianist and musical director for Jon Hendricks. Renato has performed & recorded with: Clark Terry, Freddie Hubbard, Woody Shaw, Wynton Marsalis, Benny Golson, Al Foster, Steve Grossman, Jerry Bergonzi and many others. Renato is currently the professor for jazz improvisation at KUG University in Graz, Austria. 

GUIDO JESZENSZKY - guitarist, composer, educator, professor of a jazz guitar at KUG University in Graz, Austria. Guido has performed & recorded with: Lee Harper, Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, John Abercrombie, Jerry Bergonzi, Rick Margitza, Billy Elgart, Allan Jones, Aladar Pege, Buddy Catlett, Benny Bailey, Jim Rotondi, Wayne Darling, Howard Curtis and many others.

The other members of the band, always your truly Sergio Markov & Oleg Markov from Kiev, Ukraine. The music that we make is mostly originals, written by all members of the band. There are also tunes from other famous composers. As well as ukrainian folk songs, arranged by Markov Brothers.






 Apasionado is a hot, expressive, romantic, fascinating & entertaining Accordion Trio from Kiew (Ukraine).


 The trio was created & established in 2015 by wonderful musician from Kiew (Ukraine) Sergio Markov, winner of several competitions for Accordion in Classical, Jazz & Folk music. Apasionado has also two other remarkable musicians: grooving & soulful double bass player from (Ukraine) Sergii Kluenko, and extremely creative, energetic drummer & percussionist, from Kiew (Ukraine) Oleg Markov.

Apasionado has a huge repertoire, which is always growing and changing. The repertoire is full of hot Argentinien & European Tangos, beautiful Waltzes, romantic Bossa Novas & dance Rumbas, Latin Jazz & Jazz Standards, original music by famous french accordionist Richard Galliano and an Argentine tango composer, bandoneon player, and arranger Astor Piazzolla.

Apasionado first began getting popular on the streets of Graz. Their first recorded Demo CD dropped in the fall of 2015. The new year 2021 will bring many new and exciting performances!        

                                                                                 With Love, "APASIONADO"





Oleg started to compose his first compositions during his studies at the Institute of Music Glier.

He was inspired by listening to a lot of classical music in his childhood, as well as in the Institute. While he was studying accordion he learned to love classical music as well as jazz. Some of his favorite composers include: Rachmaninov, Chopin, Schubert, Beethoven and Mozart.

At the same time Oleg was listening to: Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, John Surman, Ralph Towner, Mick Goodrick, John Abercrombie, Dave Holland, Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor, Paul Motion, Charlie Haden, etc...

Olegs love of piano trio music led him to start one of his own. The biggest inspiration was seeing the bassist and composer Avishai Cohen in concert. 

After that Concert, Oleg continued to compose even more & more of his original music. The biggest amount of tunes was written during his studies at the KUG University in Graz, Austria.

Oleg has only the finest musicians performing in his trio. This helps to get the freshest and unique sound for all of his music.









The idea of creating this group came to Oleg right before his last year of Bachelor studies.

He wanted to highlight everything he's learned during his studies in Graz by featuring all the great jazz drummers in history. As a drummer and composer himself, Oleg adores the music of other drummers & percussionists. He has spent learning and transcribing from these great players and their music. Compositions of a legendary drummers like: Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Victor Lewis, Al Foster, Joe Chambers, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Jack Dejohnette, etc. This Band is full of energy and very creative musicians. They will bring the classic jazz sound to any of your venues!


Pol Omedes (trumpet)   Sergio Markov (saxophones)   Matyas Gayer (piano)   Matyas Hofecker (bass)   Oleg Markov (drums)







S - Sergio Markov 

- Oleg Markov 

- Fabian Supancic 


Oleg and his brother Sergio have always loved the Organ Trio sound. 

On September 2013 they called one of the best organists in Austria, Fabian Supancic, and organised a rehearsal. There was an instant connection between the three of them.

After 6 years together they are still giving concerts all around Austria such as : Wist, Thomawirt, TheaterCafe, Zwe, etc.

The Music they play is usually original Compositions written by all members of the Band.

They are also in the process of finding the best tunes to be performed by organ trio and arranging them to go along with their own unique style.





Collaboration with:


The Coquette Jazz Band


Nexus LineUp


Renato Chicco Quartet/Quintet


Radio Eriwan Quartet



Anush Apoyan Sextet



Matyas Gayer Trio


Matyas Bartha Trio


Daniel Cacija Band